07 October 2009


So I've been doing this diet with my Mother for the last 20 days...that's right no freaking sugar for 20 days so far! Yeah it's not as hard as it sounds but still tomorrow is day 21 and that's what it take to make a habit right? Wrong...I will most definitely be going back to enjoying sugar when I'm done with this! But surprisingly I've been into this baking mood. Strange I know. So Yesterday Mel and I made these!

Black Bottomed Mini Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites! They smelt really good. Mel, O, and L all said they tasted good. Papa refused to try them because they had Pumpkin in the title! We gave them to the Davenports because they always bring us the sweetest Conference treats! But ours didn't turn out quite as pretty as Picky-Palates. Ours looked like this...

Not quite as pretty...we'll work on our presentation. I've found that when I get bored on this diet I want to make something...even though I cannot eat it. Which works. Usually I eat the batter as I'm cooking so when I'm done I don't really want to eat any...now I just don't eat the batter/dough stuff when I bake. Mother doesn't really appreciate this but I figure since I cannot eat sugar then everyone else should! It's been interesting!

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