18 October 2009

Well, well, well!

It's Sunday night and I am beyond my freaking limits...I'm bored! That's right bored...not board as I received a text from someone this week...but bored! Ole spoke in church today and it was a good talk on prayer...I gave him a 7, it could have been higher, but he speaks very softly when he talks about church things in English which I don't understand, I think learning Spanish made me speak louder. But maybe it's just me! And Second he said um way to many times!...But other than that it was a very good talk.

I'm watching Little Dorrit now. I've never read much of Dickens, actually I think that I've only ever read Great Expectations my freshman year of high school. I was very surprised how much I like it. It is now on my must read list. I do believe that if the book is as good as the movie then we should have read this in high school!

And such a pretty thing, Matthew Macfadyen stars in the movie, which is lovely because it's a very long movie and he is very good looking. And he just had a birthday on Saturday. He's 35 and suppose to be my future husband, but unfortunately he's already married! Oh well, I'll just have to keep looking! Still I'm rather bored. I seem to need to multitask, I cannot just sit and watch a movie.

Oh well nothing else to do. I guess I could read, I am on book eight...The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan...and I just cannot believe how I'm getting all tied up again! Such a good series! I must say if that I have a literary crush on al'Lan Mandragoran for sure! But then there is Perrin Aybara and even a little one for Mat Cauthon! But I'll just have to set my heights on men that are real and not so literary!

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