08 November 2009

Boda de B!!

Saturday I had the privilege of attending B's Wedding! Which was awesome! It just was so B in every aspect!

They were married at Thunder Cloud Ranch in Queen Creek...in a horse arena! Which you cannot tell from the picture! I loved the wooden back drop/background that was decorated with beautiful crosses! I really like the ceremony, the Reverend shared a sweet quote from Les Miserable...

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved -- loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."—Victor Hugo...B's dress was beautiful! and her veil...Loved it!!

Mel, Megs, Mother and I all went! And loved it! It was a beautiful day, perfect for a wedding!

It was a big step for Mel because she had to leave both her boys and husband to tend for themselves!

Mother and Megs were fun! There isn't a person I know who likes taking there picture more then Megs! Doesn't Mother look amazing...and Megs!

The tables were simple yet elegant. The flowers were in tequila bottles! Don't you love the flowers...orange...awesome!

B and I! It was so fun! The food was delicious, the setting gorgeous, B beautiful, and I finally met Kiwi who seems very nice! Over all a lovely evening!



Brent and Brooke said...

It was so fun seeing you at the wedding. I stole a pic off your blog because I forgot my camera, hope you don't mind! Hope i get to see ya around again sometime!

iheartkiwi said...

awwww i just saw this sweet post. i am so glad you and your fam could be there my dear! it really was an amazing day :)