27 November 2009

Favorite Friday!

Fablehaven! Kaitlin told me that this needed to be the next book I read, so I read it! Brandon Mull has an incredible imagination and has shared it with us through Kendra and Seth! They take us for another wild ride involving magical creatures, magic, and an evil society that leaves one wanting more. The first book seemed a little slow to me but the second one picks up the pace, there are more secrets revealed and less answers. Plus there is a great cliff hanger at the end that was missing from the first book!

Across the Universe! My old roommate Jana told me that I had to see this forever ago. And I didn't. Why you might ask…well I had heard that it swung way left and at the time I'm was pretty sick of Hollywood trying to shove it's values and lack of morals on the rest of the country!...but I watched it now and it was lovely! Does it have a leftist feel to it. Yes! But it really is a pretty movie. Very artistic, the singing is awesome and the men in it are quite pretty!...Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson...skinny but pretty! So despite the anti war sentiments, and they do get high and drunk all the time, and there is a little risqué part that would keep me from watching it with my Mother, I loved it!

The Killers! While I have yet to see New Moon I have listened to the soundtrack and here is one of the songs that I loved! White Demon Love Song is by The Killers which was a good indication that I was going to like it! But listen and decide for yourself!

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