20 November 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Percy Jackson! Oh my goodness! This was a hidden treasure Mecham let me about! Seriously Harry Potter good! Amazing series! Rick Riordan give us an incredible tale about a demigod boy and his adventures trying to stay alive and save the world! Who thinks of these things! It made me feel stupid at times remembering names but nothing else, so now I'm brushing up on my mythology! I've read the first four books and am just waiting for the fifth one to get here from the library! READ THEM! There is also a movie coming out next year based on the first book! I cannot wait! I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed these books! Has anyone else read them?

Julianne Moore! I love the coral dress she wore a while ago! It's gorgeous! And though coral might not be my color I would still love to own this dress!

Ricardo Arjona! I was introduced to this very pretty Guatemalan by Cayari on the mission! First he has the potential to become my future husband! I loved the music video el problema and minutos. Which I cannot get to embed...and honestly I'm just to tired to try and find one that can! But listen...watch...enjoy! And listen to el problema first then minutos because the videos kind of tell the story!

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