18 November 2009

Happy Birthday O!

First, before I get to the awesome birthday stuff I just need to vent a little history! MY INTERNET IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!! This makes me a little bit upset...like down to my core pissed off! Why? Because Papa's computer is working but for some reason O's and my computers no longer like our wireless thingy! Seriously peeved about this!

But today is O's 22nd birthday and Mel and I gave him the coolest party ever! So I am braving this ridiculously slow connection to bring you the sweetness! I will apologize now for all the pictures...but I love them all!

We did a country cotton theme! Because that's what we come from and what O is going to be! It turned out so cute! We didn't have napkins that were the right color so we used a brown paper bag under the silverware! Mel tied a cotton ball with jute/name tag things!

D helped us put some poles together and we strung some Christmas lights! O helped me carry out Mother's antique sewing machine and we added some pictures of O. And then we added what was left of our cotton plant to the ground!

The center was a table runner from Target and mason jars with tea lights tied with ribbon! Plus some very pretty flowers that just happened to be at Target today!

The table...you might recognize as Mother's old table that was in her house for 20 plus years! Mel gave it a make over but it looks like we should have dusted it a little better in this picture!

We threw some old horseshoes, stars and cotton bulbs around the table to give a little finishing touch!

PB sure loved the tea lights in the paper bags! He would go to all the bags one at a time and look then spit!

We mad a little path from the side walk to the...party...with paper bag lights!

I loved the way it turned out! Not sure if O liked the fact that his present was this party...but oh boy am I proud of it!

Mel made Country Fried Steak...via Pioneer Woman's new book...mashed potatoes, corn and salad...she also made Cowboy Cookies! To keep O from really comprehending how awesome the party was going to be, we told him that every one was going to dress up as their favorite Star Wars Character! Then when he saw the pole/light thingy we told him it was a manger and everyone was dressing up as shepherds and wise men! He was not very excited that we were in charge of his dinner!

Until he saw it tonight! To finish out the night we had apple pie...via Marie Calendar...where Darth Vader made a guest appearance! It was a lovely dinner...in which one only needed a light jacket! Don't you love AZ in the winter! Everything was perfect!
...and side note I bought a present for me today! That's right I am the proud owner of the Star Trek DVD!

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woowoo said...

Wow ...love it ...you guys are the greatest!