30 November 2009

Monday Musical!

In honor of my love for Glee, I decided that I needed to give Musicals some much needed love. I have always liked a good musical...and occasionally the bad ones...which I blame on my Mother for always watching them! And holy moly there are a lot! So this week I thought we'd start of with a classic, one of my favorites, and one that people haven't really heard of before…The Slipper and the Rose! I remember watching this as a little girl dancing around the front room jumping on the couches with my sisters. My mom loved this movie…which I'm sure has something to do with the fact that Richard Chamberlain stars in it! We'd watch our taped from TV version until it broke or was lost I don't know which but we stopped watching it. Last year I found it at Amazon.com and holy moly it's better than I remember! So if you like watching people spontaneously break out in song and dance, are looking for a new version of Cinderella to watch, or want to watch something cheesy then I suggest hunting for this movie…because it's awesome!!

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