22 December 2009

December Dinner!

Well I am well on my way to accomplishing #23 on my list! And by well I mean I've done two dinners. One was Ole's birthday dinner and the second one was last Thursday!

It was pretty fun to do! I did blue, silver and pink! It was really fun, I would have like to have worked in the more traditional red and green, but honestly I didn't care enough to do it by the end!

We made eggs benedict which was delicious! Seriously, I loved it! I was a little concerned when I tried the sauce by itself...but oh it was good! For those of you who know my family, you need not worry, I also made Lazy Chili Rellenos for those who wanted something more traditional...but everyone liked them!

Mel made Monkey Bread that was our sweet breakfasty dessert!

It was a very fun dinner! All the food was super good and really easy to make! Plus, I made everyone wear white, blue or pink to dinner! Which completed the meal...but I cannot post pictures of that because I made too many promises to Megs that I wouldn't! But let it be known that it was awesome!!

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