11 December 2009

Favorite Friday!

Joanne Harris! Chocolat is one of my favorite movies ever and I have finally read the book. The language is beautiful! How can you not like a book based on chocolate! I loved getting a better understanding of the characters. Is it different? Oh yes! Which do I like better? I don't really know but I'm leaning more towards the movie, because I like the coupling better. But there is a magic about the book that despite the beauty of the film...it doesn't quite capture it.

RM by Roland Mouret! Zoe Saldana of Star Trek fame...and one of my new fashion muses...wowed us once again with her impeccable taste! I am in love with this dress! It's stunning and I literally have no words other than Absolutely Lovely!

Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day! Oh my LOVED it!! Lee Pace my hot pie maker sings! Oh my loveliness! Every decision is important, for every day could be your last! Plus there's a fight! Lee Pace…Pushing Daisies...Mark Strong…Stardust…Amy Adams…Enchanted…Frances McDormand, and CiarĂ¡n Hinds! The whole movie is wonderful! I spent the whole movie just praying that Pettigrew would eat something! Seriously she was making me hungry! The music is wonderful, the costumes gorg…Why do we not dress like that any more? Super cute! Plus movies that tie everything up in pretty little bow are nice…unrealistic but lovely!

The Bird and the Bee! I love their version of Carol of the Bells! It has a very magical feel to it! Love it!


Amy said...

How funny, my mother's name is Joan Harris. I still have never seen the movie. I think I need to. Also, I too am absolutely in love with Lee Pace. And I HAVE to see that movie if he is singing in it! Really, Pushing Dasies was the best show ever and I was so disappointed when they canceled it.

Malinda said...

Oh he sings...it's not a musical but he does a little singing and he plays the piano!...I would not lie about the pie maker!