04 December 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Lips Touch! Lovely! Laini Taylor is a true story teller and has given us a gem! I found my self so wrapped up in each of the stories, I didn't want them to end! I believe she could have written a whole book on each story! The details were exquisite! The words flowed together! This book...is like eating a dark chocolate truffle...delicious, exciting, lustful, oh it makes you crave a good...an intense kiss! The illustrations and the red accent brought it all together! I loved it!

Naked Juice! I love...most...of their drinks! Right now my favorite is Green Machine followed closely by Mighty Mango!

The Philadelphia Story! Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Katherine Hepburn! Loved it! Even though I would have been happy with more Grant! But Stewart does an amazing job...seriously this has to be one of my favorite Stewart movies ever! Watch it and enjoy a time when actors really could act!

Taylor Swift! To be honest she kind of bothers me...like when she sings live! But it seemed rather appropriate to have a Christmas song on here this week!

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KeNzIE said...

I totally agree about T Swift! She sounds a little off live!