18 December 2009

Favorite Fridays!

The Bishop's Wife! Classic Christmas movie! If I could choose an angel to come help me, he would look like Cary Grant too! I loved the way that all the girls kind of stare at him, and the Matilda trips over herself to do things for him! Loved it! It was a very cute Christmas movie! They even did a remake with Denzel Washington.

Cherry Limeades! Oh how I heart thee! Now I'm not a huge fan of all the food Sonic has to offer but you cannot beat their drinks!...this sounds so good right now...I think I need to go get one! Anyone want to come with me?

Marchesa! Naomi Watts wore a beautiful raspberry silk Marchesa dress that looked stunning! Seriously I am in love with this dress! She also wore nude Louboutin heels to finish her look!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Grinch was a classic before Jim Carrey even put on that itchy green suit! And here is a surprise fact that I never put together. The Grinch is Boris Karloff! Karloff! You may recognize him as Frankenstein's monster! Can you believe it?!? It was quite a shock to me too!

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