16 December 2009

Gift Lists...

It has been said that I am a hard person to shop for. This is a statement that I cannot understand...me hard to shop for! Please, I love presents! All kind of presents! Especially random presents! If ever you need to get me in a good mood...then you should just give me a present. This will in no way a guarantee that I will forget or forgive, but it never hurts. I have created some random gift lists of things that I think are awesome. I will be sharing them with you between now and Christmas... so in no particular order!!

Red Shaded Floor Lamp {$59.99}

Little Box of Happiness Word Magnets {$6.50}

Daniel Craig Tea Towel {£7.00}

All Black Cloche {$148.00}Link
Paloma. Teal Pearl and Vanilla Rose Necklace {$36.00}

Penguin Book Bag {£19.95}

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