07 December 2009

Monday Musical!

One of my favorite musicals ever is Summer Magic, so you will probably hear about it a lot! It's a Disney classic with Hayley Mills! My favorite song from this movie is...Femininity! This song led to many attempts to walk across the Family Room with a book balanced on your head…and I think someone might have had the job of hitting you with a ruler if you weren't straight!...let's be honest, that was probably me! If you've never seen it you need to just break down and invest in this one, it's worth it. It even has Burl Ives who we all will recognize his voice as the narrating Snowman. Plus it has Peter Brown on screen for about five minutes...but that is all it takes!

**Bonus video because I'm feeling so generous! This is one of my favorite parts of the movie! It's hilarious! And is part of the reason I want engagement shoes! Seriously Summer Magic and Cinderella gave me issues!...I couldn't find just the shoe part so it's like the last minute of the ridiculously long clip!

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