26 January 2010

D's Birthday!

Last week was D's 16th Birthday party! It was super fun! We did a Mario Kart/Nintendo/whatever theme!

We made everyone there wear fake mustaches!

We made our own little photo booth! J came over dressed as Mario!

PB and PH weren't big fans of the mustaches!

Megs and D did though! It was a fun night!

...at least I enjoyed myself!

And after much coaxing we got Grandma to put a mustache on for the picture!

The food was spaghetti...and Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti...delicious!

PB enjoyed all the food!

The Cupcakes are suppose to look like the mushrooms from the super Mario brothers game! D also got the Super Mario Brothers for the Wii...and all those hours of playing it on our super Nintendo paid off! It's so fun!

Then last night D was ordained a Priest! He'll get to bless the sacrament on Sunday! So exciting! Though kind of weird that he's that old...which makes me really old. But it's been a fun couple weeks!

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iheartkiwi said...

this looks like an absolute blast! mustaches make everything better :)