22 January 2010

Favortie Friday!

The Princess and the Frog! For Christmas Megs and I took L and N to go see this movie and it was awesome! Disney has done it again! It was fun to see a classic Disney animated movie again! The New Orleans background was beautiful and the music very fun! Tiana and Prince Naveen are...classic! You'll love it!

Alberta Ferretti! Rachel McAdams wore a beautiful blue Alberta Ferretti crinkled silk chiffon gown to the Berlin premiere of Sherlock Holmes! I love the single sleeved, asymmetrical look! She looks stunning!

Carmel Apple Cider! The last couple of days of been amazing here with wind and rain and loveliness and Starbucks is just what one needs. I love...lust after...their Carmel Apple Ciders all year round! I love when there is weather that accommodates my love for this drink!

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