02 January 2010

My Family...

I believe it is about time that I introduce everyone to the newest members of my family. Back in October Captain Wentworth was having some serious troubles. So I took him to Geek Squad...again for the fourth time. And I just told the nice geek man that I wanted a junk out! Now don't get me wrong, I loved Wentworth, we had some good times, but I needed something more reliable in my life. And being Geek Squad during the almost holiday season it took forever...two to three weeks before I heard back from them and they said well of course! So I go in and Best Buy has a total of like six computers there. Why? Because they are getting ready for the Big Microsoft 7 switch over. Which meant that I waited another two weeks before actually getting a new computer. I choose a Sony Vaio, because it was a comparable price, could connect to the Internet without turning on the computer and had a built in blue ray player which sounded pretty cool. But I get home and the Internet isn't working. I thought well it's probably because it's not compatible to Windows 7 or some crap like that. But I could get on the Internet when it wasn't on. This is really annoying but I decide I will live with it for now because I don't want to not have a computer anymore. So weeks go by and I'm still frustrated with the unworkingness of my computer...and since I'm upset at it I cannot name it!...so I decide that I'm just going to wipe it and start new and see what happens! And talk about a Tender Mercy, it works! That's everything is perfect!

But now I come to the point when I need to name it. But what to name it. I plan on this being my computer for at least three years, so it has to be a good name. I cannot get sick of it, cause you cannot just rename your stuff! So I'm thinking, and thinking, going through names from books and movies when it hits me! Uh hello the name totally needs to come from Star Wars! So I start to run through names from Star Wars the final contenders were Hans Solo and the Millennium Falcon. So I have called it both for the last few days and have decided that it is...The Millennium Falcon!...it silly but you don't understand how excited this makes me!

Then Christmas come along and I open a...an HP Printer!! Thank you much! I've been needing one since my huge old clunker of one from way before my mission stopped feeding paper! Now I have one and it's a lovely. It's a black/brown and when I opened it I thought it perfect! And it's name came to me before I had even taken it out the box! I have my Falcon and now I have a Vader! That's right Darth Vader!

Now we are a Happy Family!!

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Amy said...

I love that your old computer was named Captain Wentworth! Love it. And now you have Han Solo and Vader... that is too much. I also got a printer for Christmas. I couldn't believe how happy that made me.