05 February 2010

Favorite Friday!

Giorgio Armani! Anne Hathaway looked stunning at the Armani Prive Spring 2010 wearing a silver Armani! I love this dress! I mean seriously doesn't she just look stunning! And the shoes...Louboutins! This is a lustful worthy outfit if I have ever seen one! Speaking of shoes did I ever mention that I finished #8 on my list! That's right Mel gave me a pair of purple shoes for Christmas!

Prince et Princesses! I loved it! It's in French and it's just random silhouette animated stories but it's so good! It's hilarious and you all should watch it!

All-American Rejects! Now I have been a fan since...move along and...well way back when! But I love this song...Mother doesn't but I can't help! Gives You Hell is just a great song...repetitive but good!

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