19 February 2010

Favorite Friday!

Chanel! First I've loved pretty much everything Michelle Williams has worn since she showed up in that yellow dress to the Oscars oh so long ago! I love this dress. It's simple, beautiful, and she just glows.

Emma! So for Valentines day I bought myself a little gift which I did not mean to do but it really did just happen. I saw this and could not resist, I just bought it. I loved it! It may be my favorite adaptation of Emma. Now don't get me wrong I love the Gwyneth Paltrow version but this was good! I don't think it is possible to watch Emma and not love it and Mr. Knightley by the end of the movie! But if you have not seen this version...trust me...you need to!

The Killers! Ok if you've heard this song and not liked it then we probably are not friends! Mr. Brightside is just a...great song!

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