03 February 2010

What the...television!

What the...did anybody watch LOST last night? I did and what the...oh how I hate that show! But I need to know what the heck is going on. J.J. Abrams is intensely twisted! I have no idea what happened! When Mother asked me what had happened, I couldn't even explain it. People died...but I don't think they're dead but then some are. Like Juliet, she dies again in this episode! That was so sad! But wasn't it creepy and sorta cool seeing peeps who have died back on the plane! Speaking of the plane! What is going on! I'm totally behind the flash back/forward things but don't you just hate not knowing what's happening. Plus all their lives were so messed up before the island, that is was cool seeing them make it to LA and how they interact weird! Is that what they wanted? The island is crap strange but they're better people because of it...the ones still alive! Oh how I hate the fact that I cannot stop watching this ridiculous show!!!

I also finally watched the last few episodes of Dollhouse! And oh my goodness! Season 2 was incredible! I don't know what Fox was thinking when they canceled the show. Whedon did an amazing job! I loved it! It was...awesome! I loved the development of Adele and Topher's characters. I never saw the bad guy coming! It was such a good way to end! And in typical Whedon fashion, he kills people you love. I loved the return of Alpha...but who doesn't love Alan Tudyk...and the twist. Ha! It was AWESOME!!! Watch it! Has anyone watched it?

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