26 March 2010

Favorite Friday!

Waitress! I loved it! It's a super cute movie about an amazing pie maker, Keri Russell, who is in a bad marriage, to a man she does not love, and due to bad judgement...when drunk...has found herself pregnant! It's sweet and bitter all at the same time! Plus it has my future husband, Nathan Fillion, who is just delightful! My favorite parts are all the pie names, what a wonderful fantasy world full of delicious pies! I am determined to learn how to make pies now!

The Lost Symbol! Now even though Dan Brown follows the exact same pattern in all of his books...well at least the ones I've read...they are very entertaining. The Lost Symbol is no different. In it we are taken on a very intriguing journey with Robert Langdon and yes there is a damsel in distress. I love the journey through Washington DC...which I am determined to visit...and I love the mystery in our National Symbols and Monuments. The short chapters are genius! Usually I can tell myself only one more chapter, but when the chapters range from mere paragraphs to a few pages it's hard to quite reading. It isn't as good as The Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons, and some of the parts were a little...blah...but it is an entertaining read!

Marios Schwab! I love this Marios Schwab Fall 2009 Mini dress that Anna Paquin wore last month. I absolutely love the print! I really want a dress made out of that material! And her shoes!

Ok Go! I hope by now everyone has enjoyed their classic treadmill video and here is their latest, This Too Shall Pass! If nothing else you have to love them for their creativity, but the song's good too!

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