22 March 2010

Monday Musical!

Now Mamma Mia is a ridiculous movie on all accounts...but I loved it! I loved watching Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan sing, Dominic Cooper was just lovely to watch, and Meryl Streep is just...amazing! The whole movie is one amazing song after another...but here is one that is fun! Lay All Your Love On Me...you can really appreciate Cooper in this one so have a happy Monday...if you can call it happy knowing that America's health care has just been completely ruined...$938 Billion dollars, who the heck is going to pay for that?

1 comment:

Okie said...

Agreed...this is a totally corny and yet fun play/movie. The energy level of seeing it live was tons of fun and it translated pretty well into the movie.

It's definitely not something to be taken totally seriously, but it is a lot of fun and a great mode of escapism. :)