10 March 2010


Today I mailed in my taxes! Thank God for Turbo Tax...and Papa who does them for me! It sure felt good to stick them in the mail box and put that little red flag up! Even though my tax return is very laughable...the great state of Arizona is going to give a whole $4 back this year!...I'm glad I don't have to pay anything. Even though I don't understand how with the way the economy is now and looks to be headed why people in Washington are so intent on passing a health care plan that our country as a whole cannot afford. Don't get me wrong, I wish everyone not only had insurance but awesome insurance...BUT WHO'S GOING TO FREAKING PAY FOR IT! How much more money is the government going to take from me! I mean they just spent a crap load of money making sure that CEOs all down Wall street were "helped out" but I have yet to see regular everyday Americans being helped by the stimulus bill thing. I can no longer watch the news or listen to radio commentary because it all pisses me off too much! I don't trust the people running my own party since I think the election was...a complete joke! But what can you do? Washington's corrupts! There are good people with good ideas and values that get elected to represent us, but you cannot get anything done in Washington anymore without compromise! And about this universal health care bill...do we really want to be more like Canada? People might go there for cheaper prescription drugs, but not for doctors! And the last place I would look for a dentist is the UK! Plus, do I really want to trust the US government with my health care? The same government that has put us billions of dollars into debt...to China!...and what happened to that Social Security thing they were in charge of?

But when all is said and done...I am proud to be a freaking American so I pay my taxes...and wait for my crappy return!

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