07 March 2010


OH my goodness! So about a month ago I checked out a certain CD that will remain nameless because it's kind of embarrassing that I even checked it out and to this day I still haven't listened to it. But needless to say I checked out a CD…which we will refer to as CD Hugh because I'm watching Wolverine as I write this and well Hugh Jackman is really hot. So I check out CD Hugh and then came the day that it was due. So L, Megs and I took it and a bunch of other things that were due back. Well so I thought.

The next day I get on the computer and it says that everything was returned…except CD Hugh. Now this really confused me, but whatever, I must have left it at home. So I look for it…and look for it…and freaking look for it! But it is not in my house, or my car, or Meg's car and O did not take it! So now I am…really, really confused and pissed off! Because not only does no one have…the only person who will even admit they even saw it is D! So I just give up and go in to pay the dang CD Hugh. But the lady at the library was very happy to take my money from me, and let me know that if I find it with in a month then I can bring it in and they'll reimburse me everything but a $5.00 lost fee. Whatever lady! I'm done if shows up good. But I swear I saw it on the seat right before L and I carried everything in that fateful day! So time has past I'm still ticked that CD Hugh hasn't turned up...and to be honest I still think O took it and lost it because where else could it be! More time passes, I'm in my room reading when Mother comes in and what does she have in her little hand…Why it's a check from Maricopa County! What? It's not a tax return what…Wait a minute! Hold the frickin' phone! I DIDN'T LOSE CD HUGH! THEY DID! MUAHAHAHAHA!! Oh I LOVE it when I'm right!

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Brenda said...

Hey...what's with the "Mother" word! You never call me that to my face...I'm MOM!
AND I am extremly happy they found out they were the ones that lost that "CD HUGH?"!
By the way...