30 April 2010

Favorite Friday!

The Young Victoria! Oh my goodness I loved it! Victoria and Albert have one of history's greatest love stories! How despite the fact that their marriage was arranged...practically...they truely loved each other! It's a beautiful story with beautiful people!...but it will leave you wanting more. Seriously I could watch Rupert Friend and Emily Blunt as Victoria and Albert all day!

The Witch of Blackbird Pond! A classic, by Elizabeth George Speare, I first read when I was younger and it's still good! It's about Kit who was raised in Barbados but when her Grandfather dies she travels to New England to live with her Aunt! But the Puritan way of living doesn't mesh so well with the head strong Kit! It'a great, and you should read it!

Thakoon! I love this Thakoon dress Jessica Biel is wearing! I love the print and the gathering it's so cute! Her whole look is adorable!

She & Him! I think Zooey Deschanel is super adorable! I love this song it's fun almost as fun as Deschanel's dresses!

29 April 2010

"It is very queer that the unhappiness of the world is so often brought on by small men."--Erich Marla Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

28 April 2010

What are you Reading?

As you all know one of my goals is to read at least 100 books before the end of the year. Those who know me, know that I am excellent in planning things but lack the ganas...the drive...to complete them. So I've decided that if I tell people what I'm reading each week, I might be more accountable and actually finish this goal!

This week I'm reading...
...So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish by Douglas Adams
...The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne
...Cecilia by Fanny Burney
...The Sorcerer's House by Gene Wolf
....Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

...What are you reading?
"Are you mad? You don't know the power of Styrofoam!"--Bolt, Bolt

27 April 2010


D went on his first date this weekend. He took N to the LDS prom! He asked her a couple of weeks ago and then waited until Friday to plan what they were doing! He told Mel and I that we were going to make a dinner!

So it was very last minute! The table was very simple but I thought it turned out pretty sweet!

We did browns and green!...well mostly browns with green apples! But I liked it!

He was all cool and calm until he put on his tie and then I think it became real! As he was walking out the door he wanted to go over what he should say and do.

He was very nervous! At least he just had to walk next door to get her!

O and J doubled with them...

PB was not so happy when he realized that he wasn't eating dinner outside with Nae!

Then they left...leaving us to clean it all up!
“Right. We can play cat and mouse all night. Or I could wedgie you unconscious and be done with it.”
“Bravo. I see your senses seem to be as well-honed as your Viggo Mortensen pectorals.”—Spike & Andrew, Angel

26 April 2010

Happy 50th Birthday!

Today is Mother's 50th birthday! Megs and I suprised her this morning at 4:30 right before she left for the gym with a crosage and crown that she has to wear today! It was very fun! We then made her breakfast...eggs benedict and Fresh Fruit Bruschetta! (Then I went back to bed)! Don't have much time for a party today between doctor appointments, Piano lessons, and D's baseball game but I hope you have a happy birthday Mother!
"I believe that everyone deserves a happily ever after. But I think that happy endings don't just happen by accident--you can't wait for one. You have to make them happen."--Mirror, The Everafter War

25 April 2010

Favorite Fridays!...on Sunday!

Maisie Dobbs! A couple of Sunday's ago I wore this cool cloche hat, that I am very proud of...because I think hats should make a come back! I was just sitting there waiting for Relief Society to start when Sister Wright...who is awesome!...mentioned that I reminded her of Maisie Dobbs! I thanked her taking it on faith that it was a compliment, when I got home I looked the name up and much to my surprise it was a book series! I read the first one, Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear and loved it! Dobbs is a detective...a psychological investigator! She's pretty awesome and she wears a cloche hat which makes sense because she lives in post WWI London!

An Education! I finally watched it and loved it! It's a beautiful film with an amazing soundtrack! The whole film is lovely, including Carey Mulligan who does an amazing job! Olivia Williams is her teacher, she doesn't get a lot of screen time but she's excellent! Rosamund Pike is very funny which wasn't a role I expected of her! Over all it's a great movie!

RM Roland Mouret! Diane Kruger looked amazing...as per usual...she wore a Spring 2010 asymmetrical dress by Rouland Mouret! Seriously stunning! I like the gathering on the hip! And the pop of color the fuchsia clutch adds!

Mema and Pop! They celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary on Friday! They are super cute, amazing people! They've both given us a few scares the last couple of years, but I'm very grateful that they are still with us! I guess they still have something to teach me...they've been together for 56 years, they could teach us all a lot!

20 April 2010

"There's a shortage of perfect breasts in the world. It would be a pity to damage yours."--Westley, The Princess Bride

19 April 2010

Monday Musical!

Today is Lola's 5th birthday and oh what a day it was! And in honor of her today's musical spotlight thing is from The Little Mermaid...her favorite. Here is one of my favorite songs from the movie...Part of Your World!

17 April 2010

"We're clearly soldiers in petticoats, and dauntless crusaders for women to vote! Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they're rather stupid."--Mrs. Banks, Mary Poppins

16 April 2010

Favorite Fridays!

That Touch of Mink! Loved it! But then again it has Cary Grant and Doris Day so I was biased to begin with.

The Great Train Robbery! I love Michael Crichton! I have yet to read one of his books that I didn't like. I love how he writes this book, with random facts and testimony throughout the book. It's lovely because you're given a different perspective then you're pulled right back into it! It's good!

Marchesa! I love this pink suede fall 2010 dress that Demi Moore wore this week! She looks stunning! And the dress...is super cute! I love the little bustle on the back and oh my heck...cuteness!

Avril Lavigne! Shocked I know. But I got the new Almost Alice Cd and I love all it! Lavigne's Alice is...awesome! Listen and Love it!

10 April 2010

"Welcome to the mystery that is men. I think it goes something like, they grow body hair, they lose all ability to tell you what they really want!"--Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

09 April 2010

Favorite Fridays!

Miu Miu! I love this look that Keira Knightley sported a while ago! It's a puppy dog print skirt and I love the red collar...I could do without the naked ladies on the collar but even with them I think the outfit looks super cute!

Manchurian Candidate! I loved it! Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury were awesome even though they don't sing! It's a great political drama !

The Last Lecture! Oh my goodness, it's as good as everyone says it is! You'll laugh and cry while you read it. But it's so good! Everyone should read it...and learn the importance of Captain James T. Kirk! Oh my goodness it was good!

Mr. Darcy Mug! I saw this on Etsy and fell in love! Everyone needs mugs for your tea, hot chocolate, ciders, etc...so why not get an awesome one with Mr. Darcy's proposal on it! Isn't it just awesome!
"The Bible tells the story, the Book of Mormon tells why!"--Joseph F. McConkie

08 April 2010


I love books! I love all kinds of books! And I love Children's books...and Neil Gaiman! His new children's book Instructions looks beautiful! It's Illustrated by Charles Vess and here is a preview that is read by Neil himself! Oh I love his voice! This is definitely a book that will join the ranks of my library!

"I love living vicariously through the pain and suffering of others."--Old Joe, Waitress

07 April 2010

Why This Mormon Girl is Single...

My cousin Josie, wrote a blog post by this title a while ago and I LOVED it! So I thought I'd write my own! Background: Apparently there was a man who had taken a personal ad out but instead of filling it with embellished crap he listed his quirks! So here's mine...it's really long!

Malinda's Ad...
...I suffer from a slight case of anxiety so my sleeping habits are very irregular!
...I could live off of popcorn, green beans, and Soda!
...I HATE talking on the phone (Text me, email me...but a phone conversation? I blame this on 1-The mission and always having to answer for 18 months and 2-Working in customer service...after having so many people yell at me on the phone, I came to realize that it's not worth it)!
...I bite my nails!
...I have funny toes ans small feet so I avoid wearing flip flops or other open toed shoes!
...I cannot walk into a bookstore without buying something!
...I cannot pop any ones back because I think the sound is gross and makes me gag!
...I have terrible hand writing, yet I'm very glad it doesn't look all sweet and girly (note: My Aunt Marylynn has the coolest hand writing and till the day I die I will wish that mine looked like hers)!
...I'm right, even when I'm wrong. I will always find some point in which I am right!
...I'm not good at meeting new people. (I've been told I have an "observation period" in which I decide if I like you or not)!
...I love shopping! And have little self control when I enter a store!
...In my entire life, I have never really studied for anything, and avoid classes that would really challenge me because I have this intense fear that I might actually fail at it!
...I love planning thing but don't like the actual doing!
...I love making lists!
...I'm an obsessive compulsive packer and will usually pack and repack a suitcase two or three times. And I always feel like I've left something important!
...I'm obsessed with TV and movies!
...I hate "dating" (I feel it's full of drama and fakeness)!
...I will always tell you the truth. I figure I like you to much or not enough to lie to you! (even if it might hurt your feelings...though that is never my goal)!
...I like to argue (not for the sake of fighting but for the sake of defending different ideas and using your brain)!
...I hate dumb people and those who act dumb!
...I'm a conservative republican (even though I feel the republican party betrayed me in the last election. Which was kind of a joke and doomed to fail. Yet that being said I'm still a loyal...conservative)!
...I'm a feminist, but prefer to wear bras instead of burning them...and I expect men to open my car door, take out the trash, and kill spiders and other creepy things for me!
...I avoid confrontation yet believe that's the only way to really resolve anything!
...I love jackets, gloves (fingerless ones) and scarves yet I hate the snow!
...I love Mexican food but cannot stand spicy/hot food!
...I cannot study at a desk (I always study on my floor surrounded by my books and papers!
...I love pens and usually have two or three with me all the time!
...I love to tan but the fear of skin cancer usually keeps me indoors!
...I'm the most stubborn person I have ever met!
...I'm sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor!
...I cannot stand when a person leaves the hand towel on the bathroom counter (leave toothpaste/brushes, combs, hair products, curling irons all over the counter for all I care but put the freaking hand towel back)!
...I don't say anything behind your back that I wouldn't say to your face!
...I love asking/being asked random questions (What kind of candy describes your personality? Who would play at your funeral alive or dead? What Disney character represents you?)!
...I relate almost everyone I meet to characters in books, movies and TV shows!
...I could care less what people think of me (Yet I love compliments)!
...I love the sun and find jumping on the trampoline in the rain very cathartic!
...Chocolate is my go to comfort food!
...I love gifts but think there should be some significance behind them!
...I secretly hope that when I wake up each morning I will find that elves came in while I was asleep and cleaned, painted, and organized my room for me)!
...I am a firm believer in the mid-night snack, but only if there is someone there to enjoy it with!
...I use colored chalk when I teach at church because it just makes me happy!
...When I get bored at church I write my own talks/lessons on the subject being taught!
...I cannot stand people who claim that Mo Tab is the favorite band or the Book of Mormon/Bible is their favorite book. (note: If these people are over 50 it is alright, otherwise I will look at you like you are lying and pretty much write you off as being a possible friend)!
...I categorize people based on their shoes!
...I believe that Joss Whedon is a genius and will watch anything that his name is attached to with a good chance that I will love it for the mere fact that there will be a weird mutant guy at the end saying errr garr!
...I'm not a huge fan of anime but believe that Miyazaki's films are among the most beautiful movies ever made! (note: I think that all the people who write off anime because they watched Pokemon are idiots)!
...There are a lot more but that is all I can think of now! And after writing all that, I can totally see why I'm still single...that and the fact that I've never met Nathan Fillion in real life!

06 April 2010

"I mean it's a broad generalization but my guess is an attractive man who makes pies for a living shouldn't even spend a short amount of time in prison!"--Emerson, Pushing Daisies

05 April 2010

Monday Musical!

One of my favorite movies of all time is Beauty and Beast! I remember walking down with my whole class to the movie theater in Coolidge to watch it when it first came out! It is one of the greatest movies ever! Who doesn't like a movie whose heroine loves to read...and is given a beautiful library ever! Here is Belle, the opening song...because it's awesome!!

04 April 2010


He is Risen!

I'm sitting here listening to conference, which is awesome! And I'm thinking about Easter, and I thought about when the Savior visited the America's after His Resurrection. The account is in 3 Nephi 11, in the Book of Mormon. I love this part of the Book of Mormon. It's when all the survivors of the terrible storms are gathering in the Land Bountiful at the temple, and they hear a voice but they don't understand. They hear it three times and don't understand what it is until the last time. It says, Behold my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name--hear ye him! Then the multitude of people look up and see a man descending out of heaven.

He tell the people, I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testified shall come to the world. But my favorite part is what Christ does first, Arise and come forth unto me, that ye may thrust your hands into my side, and also that ye may feel the prints of the nails in my hands and in my feet, that ye may know that I am the God of Israel, and the God of the whole earth, and have been slain for the sins of the world. And he stood there and waited for each one everyone...2500 people...going one by one and touch His hands, His feet, and His side.

I love this story because Christ loved each one of them enough to stand there and wait for them, so that they would know! And we can know, because they did! I wasn't there but I believe them! The proof of our Saviors love is engraved in the palms of His hands and on His feet! And we can all know of His love because He is still standing with His arms out stretched to us...waiting for each of us to come and feel for ourselves!

I know that Christ lives! I know that he loves us! I know that he is always there for us...for me! And I am so grateful that we can all listen to a modern day prophet on this Easter Sunday!

03 April 2010

"Woman need to be women not babies that need petting and correction all the time."--Eliza R. Snow

02 April 2010

Favorite Friday!

Fablehaven! I read the fifth and final Fablehaven book, Keys to the Demon Prison, this week and loved it! Kendra and Seth take us on quite the ride through this fantasy world! I loved everything about it except the very last chapter in the book that's titled, Is this really the end? I was very excited to read this...was this going to be like an epilogue that Rowling gave us? Nope, what it is, is an explanation by Brandon Mull that this is the last book! This did not need to be part of the actual book. SO instead of leaving the series right at the end, he got my hopes up and then left me with this nasty taste in my mouth. But the rest of the book is very good!

ASU! I was accepted to ASU this week! Woohoo! I meant to write about it separately but I've been sick this week and couldn't make myself care enough to actually type anything! Yep, so it looks like English Literature is going to be my degree! Hopefully I'll get my act together and take some classes this summer but if not I'll be starting in the fall!

Dirty Dancing! Despite living with Megs who loves this movie I have only just recently watched the entire movie and...I liked it! It's a good chick flick, much better then most of the stuff we get now. Patrick Swayze was totally hot, I laughed every time he shakes his hair! Oh good times!

Kate Nash! I've loved Kate Nash since the first time I heard Foundations! Here is a new one that I recently heard call Do Wha Do! It's great!