02 April 2010

Favorite Friday!

Fablehaven! I read the fifth and final Fablehaven book, Keys to the Demon Prison, this week and loved it! Kendra and Seth take us on quite the ride through this fantasy world! I loved everything about it except the very last chapter in the book that's titled, Is this really the end? I was very excited to read this...was this going to be like an epilogue that Rowling gave us? Nope, what it is, is an explanation by Brandon Mull that this is the last book! This did not need to be part of the actual book. SO instead of leaving the series right at the end, he got my hopes up and then left me with this nasty taste in my mouth. But the rest of the book is very good!

ASU! I was accepted to ASU this week! Woohoo! I meant to write about it separately but I've been sick this week and couldn't make myself care enough to actually type anything! Yep, so it looks like English Literature is going to be my degree! Hopefully I'll get my act together and take some classes this summer but if not I'll be starting in the fall!

Dirty Dancing! Despite living with Megs who loves this movie I have only just recently watched the entire movie and...I liked it! It's a good chick flick, much better then most of the stuff we get now. Patrick Swayze was totally hot, I laughed every time he shakes his hair! Oh good times!

Kate Nash! I've loved Kate Nash since the first time I heard Foundations! Here is a new one that I recently heard call Do Wha Do! It's great!

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