09 April 2010

Favorite Fridays!

Miu Miu! I love this look that Keira Knightley sported a while ago! It's a puppy dog print skirt and I love the red collar...I could do without the naked ladies on the collar but even with them I think the outfit looks super cute!

Manchurian Candidate! I loved it! Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury were awesome even though they don't sing! It's a great political drama !

The Last Lecture! Oh my goodness, it's as good as everyone says it is! You'll laugh and cry while you read it. But it's so good! Everyone should read it...and learn the importance of Captain James T. Kirk! Oh my goodness it was good!

Mr. Darcy Mug! I saw this on Etsy and fell in love! Everyone needs mugs for your tea, hot chocolate, ciders, etc...so why not get an awesome one with Mr. Darcy's proposal on it! Isn't it just awesome!

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