16 April 2010

Favorite Fridays!

That Touch of Mink! Loved it! But then again it has Cary Grant and Doris Day so I was biased to begin with.

The Great Train Robbery! I love Michael Crichton! I have yet to read one of his books that I didn't like. I love how he writes this book, with random facts and testimony throughout the book. It's lovely because you're given a different perspective then you're pulled right back into it! It's good!

Marchesa! I love this pink suede fall 2010 dress that Demi Moore wore this week! She looks stunning! And the dress...is super cute! I love the little bustle on the back and oh my heck...cuteness!

Avril Lavigne! Shocked I know. But I got the new Almost Alice Cd and I love all it! Lavigne's Alice is...awesome! Listen and Love it!

1 comment:

Emilee said...

that does not look like demi moore at all! guess she has to keep it young for her young hubby...