27 April 2010


D went on his first date this weekend. He took N to the LDS prom! He asked her a couple of weeks ago and then waited until Friday to plan what they were doing! He told Mel and I that we were going to make a dinner!

So it was very last minute! The table was very simple but I thought it turned out pretty sweet!

We did browns and green!...well mostly browns with green apples! But I liked it!

He was all cool and calm until he put on his tie and then I think it became real! As he was walking out the door he wanted to go over what he should say and do.

He was very nervous! At least he just had to walk next door to get her!

O and J doubled with them...

PB was not so happy when he realized that he wasn't eating dinner outside with Nae!

Then they left...leaving us to clean it all up!

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Katherine said...

How on earth did your brothers get so old?