30 May 2010

Happy Birthday Papa!

Yesterday Papa turns 55!...Super Old! We celebrated Saturday night with a little party...Big Valley Style!

I had a fantastic time!! We had little goodie boxes with Sheriff stars, peanuts, poppers...bubbles!

Bottles I spray painted white and pictures of Papa!

We had jalepeno poppers, little sausages wrapped in bacon, Nevitt potatoes, steak, hamergers...food, it was good!

Then we took some pictures!

Nanpa and grandkids!

Family shot!

Papa his Angels!

The Men!

AN and Aunt D stopped by and suprise suprise had to take some pictures!!


Show Offs!

Papa wouldn't have any of that!

Megs and her cool indian costume! Notice the feathers!

We had races outside...that PS and Mel won! Then D and AN had a little shoot out!

The Birthday boy!
Happy Birthday Papa!!

29 May 2010

"Why did I let her in? Didn't I know she was bad? I did. But I also knew that I couldn't keep the door closed all my life just because it was dangerous. Just because there was a chance that I might get hurt."--Snow White, The Tenth Kingdom

28 May 2010

Favorite Friday!

The Red Pyramid! Rick Riordan, the dude who wrote the Percy Jackson novels, has written a new book, a new series, with new people and it is...AWESOME! The Kane Chronicles follow Sadie and Carter Kane as they deal with Egyptian gods and different aspects of their past. Plus it starts out with their dad blowing up the British Museum! If you liked the Percy Jackson books then you are sure to enjoy The Red Pyramid!

Michelle Williams! She was at the Cannes Film festival last week looking super cute! I love this look, very simple. I really want her Stella McCartney ankle strape cork wedge sandals...and her Suno dress...Michelle always has this understated elegance that I love!...she has always reminded me of my cousin Panda too!

LOST! Oh my heavens what just happened! It's over...really? I loved it! I couldn't think of a better way for it to end...and surprise, they're dead! Honestly, it was the best ending and at the same time a, ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS, ending! I've watched this show for six...well let's be honest I missed two seasons while on my mission plus half of another one because I didn't want to be sucked back into the show. But it didn't work even with all the holes of not knowing exactly who these new people were and what happened I was just as confused as Mel who had watched every episode...but everyone being dead and now in a purgatory waiting place is better then a dream or aliens! I'm so going to miss this show. I guess I'll have to start watching V, Flash Forward, or Fringe to get my weekly What the moments! So thank you JJ Abrams you're pretty much brilliant!...but there are some things that were not answered...this video does a very good job of asking them!

22 May 2010

"It occurs to me that when you do it right twittering can be footnotes for life."--Neil Gaiman via Twitter

21 May 2010

Favorite Fridays!

The Inside Story! Michael Buckley's latest in his Sister's Grimm books is so good! I love this series! Fairy Tales...with an interesting twist! I don't know what to say because I don't want to ruin it but it's GOOD!!!

From Here to Eternity! I was in the library and I thought...you know the kissing on the beach scene is one of the most famous in kisses ever. I should watch this movie. I watched it and loved it! It was not what I was expecting but it was so good! Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, Montgomery Clift, Burt Lancaster create the perfect cast!

L! The other day we were driving back from Krispy Kreme when Lola asked us, "What's a mirage?" So Megs and I explained that it's when you look at the road and it looks like there's water on it but there isn't, it's just the sun. then she said, "Oh yeah the sun. No I know what it is." Oh really Miss L what is a mirage? "It's just Jesus having fun!"

All-American Rejects! The Poison from the Almost Alice CD. I love the rejects and this song is just another reason why!

20 May 2010

"Dear Baby, I hope someday somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight and that's all they do. They don't pull away. They don't look at your face. They don't try to kiss you. All they do is wrap you up in their arms and hold you tight, without an ounce of selfishness in it."--Jenna, Waitress

The Wall!

One of my birthday goals was to finish...or start decorating my room. And this blah white wall was my main concern! I have this thing with white walls...I really don't like them! So that is the first thing that had to go!

So here it is so far! My plan is a chalkboard there but I'm happy with it how it's turning out so far...we'll see though!

...do not pay to much attention to thecluttery things.

17 May 2010

“It’s called a Zero Tolerance policy, not a Maybe This Once policy.”—Angel, Angel

Monday Musical!

Today's Musical number is from a musical I've never actually seen but I love! That's right Wicked...which is awesome! I love every single song, but What Is This Feeling is one of my favorites! Plus I have a huge girl crush on Kristin Chenoweth...who worked with my future husband, Lee Pace, on Pushing Daisies! So listen and enjoy!

12 May 2010

"Bit by bit, I've come to accept that my personal fairytale (at least in this life) is not only about finding romance in a faraway kingdom, it's about the majestic adventures, the splendid characters, and the valorous lessons that I encounter along the way."--Jerramy Fine, Someday My Prince Will Come


09 May 2010

Woo Hoo! Happy Mothers Day!

Thank you Suns for the most thoughtful gift of sweeping the San Antonio Spurs! The most despicable, low, dirty NBA team ever!!! If I was to make a list of things I truly hate...not just dislike, but passionately despise...the San Antonio Spurs would be in the top ten...maybe even the top five with emphasis on Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker! But Nash...my hero...who once again was all messed up...Stoudemire, Barbosa, Dudley...and everyone else...gave us a fantastic victory! Now we all have to wonder...if LA beats Utah, will Hollywood boycott the games in Phoenix? I won't be! So thank you my Canadian Friend, thank you for this wonderful gift!! And Happy Mothers Day...to All Mothers...even those who like my Mother didn't really care that they won!

08 May 2010

"You show me a good piggy-backer and I'll show you a real human. Now you take Abraham Lincoln for instance, a natural born piggy-backer."--Peter Warne, It Happened One Night

07 May 2010

Favorite Friday!

Stalag 17! One of the best WWII movies I've ever seen! It's about a group of American airman in a POW camp! Incredibly well written and acted! I wish Hollywood could produce movies like they use too! If you like the Great Escape then you'll like this one!!

Oscar de la Renta! Not only are his clothes beautiful, his name even sounds pretty! I love the pink/silver Pre-Fall 2010 dress that Drew Barrymore wore the other week! Not a fan of this picture but the dress is stunning!

Oh my it's official I've registered for classes. I'm taking four, yes four English classes next semester. I'm excited and then I think of all the papers I know I'll have to write and I wonder...What The Heck Am I Thinking!? So I'm taking Classic Literature, Literature for Adolescence, Shakespeare, and King Arthur/Arthurian Romance...they all sound exciting, well not the Shakespeare but if I want to do English Lit then eventually I should take a Shakespeare class right? So I'll get it over with now and just pray I pass!

Parents! Today is my parents 28th Wedding Anniversary! Intense I know! But they've made it together and produced some pretty amazing people on the way! I hope you two enjoyed your presents and the fact that the AC is on tonight! You guys are amazing! Thank you for everything you do!

Jaron and the Long Road to Love! Melis introduced me to this song a couple weeks ago and I loved it! Pray For You is a song that I'm sure we all can relate to...maybe not now but at one time or another we have all felt like this...or maybe it's just me!

05 May 2010

"It's computers. It's your thing. If I had a thing I'd show it off all the time."
"Theres rules against that DiNozzo."--Tony & Gibbs, NCIS