07 May 2010

Favorite Friday!

Stalag 17! One of the best WWII movies I've ever seen! It's about a group of American airman in a POW camp! Incredibly well written and acted! I wish Hollywood could produce movies like they use too! If you like the Great Escape then you'll like this one!!

Oscar de la Renta! Not only are his clothes beautiful, his name even sounds pretty! I love the pink/silver Pre-Fall 2010 dress that Drew Barrymore wore the other week! Not a fan of this picture but the dress is stunning!

Oh my it's official I've registered for classes. I'm taking four, yes four English classes next semester. I'm excited and then I think of all the papers I know I'll have to write and I wonder...What The Heck Am I Thinking!? So I'm taking Classic Literature, Literature for Adolescence, Shakespeare, and King Arthur/Arthurian Romance...they all sound exciting, well not the Shakespeare but if I want to do English Lit then eventually I should take a Shakespeare class right? So I'll get it over with now and just pray I pass!

Parents! Today is my parents 28th Wedding Anniversary! Intense I know! But they've made it together and produced some pretty amazing people on the way! I hope you two enjoyed your presents and the fact that the AC is on tonight! You guys are amazing! Thank you for everything you do!

Jaron and the Long Road to Love! Melis introduced me to this song a couple weeks ago and I loved it! Pray For You is a song that I'm sure we all can relate to...maybe not now but at one time or another we have all felt like this...or maybe it's just me!

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