28 May 2010

Favorite Friday!

The Red Pyramid! Rick Riordan, the dude who wrote the Percy Jackson novels, has written a new book, a new series, with new people and it is...AWESOME! The Kane Chronicles follow Sadie and Carter Kane as they deal with Egyptian gods and different aspects of their past. Plus it starts out with their dad blowing up the British Museum! If you liked the Percy Jackson books then you are sure to enjoy The Red Pyramid!

Michelle Williams! She was at the Cannes Film festival last week looking super cute! I love this look, very simple. I really want her Stella McCartney ankle strape cork wedge sandals...and her Suno dress...Michelle always has this understated elegance that I love!...she has always reminded me of my cousin Panda too!

LOST! Oh my heavens what just happened! It's over...really? I loved it! I couldn't think of a better way for it to end...and surprise, they're dead! Honestly, it was the best ending and at the same time a, ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS, ending! I've watched this show for six...well let's be honest I missed two seasons while on my mission plus half of another one because I didn't want to be sucked back into the show. But it didn't work even with all the holes of not knowing exactly who these new people were and what happened I was just as confused as Mel who had watched every episode...but everyone being dead and now in a purgatory waiting place is better then a dream or aliens! I'm so going to miss this show. I guess I'll have to start watching V, Flash Forward, or Fringe to get my weekly What the moments! So thank you JJ Abrams you're pretty much brilliant!...but there are some things that were not answered...this video does a very good job of asking them!

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Panda said...

again, i love your favorite fridays (get all my reads from you!! i've been through like 16 books since van...nursing requires a whole lotta sitting time :-)) and love that for some reason, michelle reminds you of me (...i wish! also love her sandals (and legs) in this pic)