30 May 2010

Happy Birthday Papa!

Yesterday Papa turns 55!...Super Old! We celebrated Saturday night with a little party...Big Valley Style!

I had a fantastic time!! We had little goodie boxes with Sheriff stars, peanuts, poppers...bubbles!

Bottles I spray painted white and pictures of Papa!

We had jalepeno poppers, little sausages wrapped in bacon, Nevitt potatoes, steak, hamergers...food, it was good!

Then we took some pictures!

Nanpa and grandkids!

Family shot!

Papa his Angels!

The Men!

AN and Aunt D stopped by and suprise suprise had to take some pictures!!


Show Offs!

Papa wouldn't have any of that!

Megs and her cool indian costume! Notice the feathers!

We had races outside...that PS and Mel won! Then D and AN had a little shoot out!

The Birthday boy!
Happy Birthday Papa!!

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iheartkiwi said...

what an awesome party! i love the photo booth!