12 June 2010

Favorite Friday!

Gary D. Schmidt! My Aunt Adrienne recently recommended The Wednesday Wars to me, so of course I read it...and loved it! It is one of the best books that I've read all year! Holling Hoodhood, a seventh grader during Vietnam, has to spend Wednesday Afternoons with his teacher while the rest of the class goes to different religious study classes. Mrs. Baker, who Holling is sure hates him, because why else would they have to read Shakespeare! It's great to see not only how he interprets the plays but how they are related to his everyday life and help him gain the motivation...the Big M...and courage he needs!

David Tutera! I admit I am addicted to My Fair Wedding and I love David Tutera! He is amazing! He does amazing things...yes he has ton of resources and huge company to help him. But the results are amazing! He's amazing...and even his ties usually match the wedding!

The World Cup! Who is excited for this! I am!! I remember watching the Germany vs. Italy game on 4 July at Familia Valenzuela's home with Hermana Leano, Elder Johnson and Elder Leal! It was so much fun! And it was the first time Leano and I saw our favorite footballer...Fabio Cannavaro! But more then that I remember Leano refusing to know who won the championship on Sunday so we could pick up our taped copy and watch it early Monday morning! It was a great P-day...preparation day...to watch Italy beat France!! OH MY GOODNESS! I cannot wait today we get to watch USA vs. England...and even if we don't win, I cannot wait!!!

Simon and Garfunkle! They're classic. I am a Rock is one of my favorites! It always reminds me of About a Boy and Bon Jovi!

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Amy said...

Oh, the memories! The sweet sweet memories! I was with Miller, Tesoro and Canon at Hna. Diaz (N. Hollywood) and the Italy Vs. Germany game was fantastic. Cannon and I were for Italy and Miller and Tesoro were for Germany. Wow. I wish I had someone here to watch it with me. Instead I am mocked a little by my FIL. Such sweet times!