26 June 2010

Favorite Fridays!

The Saint! Val Kilmer at his finest...literally! I have to thank Alexis for introducing this wonderful movie to me...a long long time ago back before Queen Creek was really populated! Kilmer plays a thief who is pretty awesome...all I can say is leather pants...and snug as a bug in a rug! Watch it and LOVE it!

Par Engsheden! Princess Victoria of Sweden was married this week in the most beautiful dress designed by the Swedish designer, Par Engsheden!! It was a simple silk A-line dress with a fifteen foot train. She wore the same gold and pearl tiara that her mother wore on her wedding! She looked gorgeous! I love the simplicity!!

Vanessa Paradis! I am loving her Divine Idylle right now! Not exactly sure what she's saying but I'm loving the song!

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Emilee said...

i LOVE the saint too! loved it back then, still do! he is at his best! i will have to netflix it! anyway, you never told me a few great books to read. i have to read 4 this summer. but i need killer good books that will keep my interest.