19 June 2010

Favorite Friday!

The Tenth Kingdom! Oh my goodness it's awesome, it's the perfect combination of fantasy, action and comedy!! You have magic mirrors, Snow White, Trolls...and not the orange kind with rainbow hair, wolves, sheep, magic mushrooms, talking dogs...kind of! It's an adult fairy tale and did I mention Awesome!! Scott Cohen as Wolf steals the show, he's child-like, enthusiastic, funny...an incredible performance.

Giambattista Valli! Jessica Biel looked super cute at the MTV Movie Awards a few weeks ago! I love her Giambattita Valli Fall 2010 dress! I love the polka dot top, the pink bow, and the black embellished skirt...all of it!!

Maroon 5! The other day I was blog scanning and I came across Maroon 5 singing Pure Imagination from the Original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I loved it! But just so you know the i-tune version comes with a bunch of Obama political...crap...with kind of ruins the song for me. Still it's worth listening too!

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