16 July 2010

Favorite Friday!

Family Reunions! This week was the B Family Reunion and it sure was fun! But I'll share more on that later!

Azzaro! I loved the Custom Azzaro gown Carey Mulligan wore at the Cannes Film Festival this year! The beading, the bow, her hair, the pockets...I love the whole look! It's just simply gorgeous!

Queen! Last week we went to Organ Stop Pizza for Grandpa's 78th birthday and the organist played Bohemian Rhapsody! Much to my surprise Mother had never heard it! WHAT!? Yep, it's true. I couldn't believe it, so in case their is another person out there who hasn't heard this classic! Here it is for your listening pleasure!


marsha said...

No way! I can't believe she has never heard it. Besides the fact that Queen is one of my favorite groups has she never seen it in Wayne's World or by The Ten Tenors from Austrailia????????

Malinda said...

I know it's crazy!