02 July 2010

Favorite Fridays

Toy Story 3! I don't know what it is but Pixar keeps producing films that make me cry like a baby and laugh till I hurt! TS3 is another classic! Plus it's always fun to see Buzz and Woody back on the big screen! FANTASTIC Flick!!!

Megs! Today is Meg's 20th birthday!! She's amazing and super fun...and random! The other day we were visiting teaching and the girl asked what the difference in our ages was. She almost fell out of her chair when I told her we are six years apart! Megs didn't like it when I pointed out that it meant she looked 25, which is practically 30! Good times! We got a little party planned for tonight and I Cannot Wait!!! Happy Birthday Megs!!

The Lady of Shalott! John William Watterhouse is one of my all time favorite artists, and his lady of Shalott is breathtaking! I have always loved this painting but when you see the original in person...is like seeing it for the very first time! The painting is based on Lord Alfred Tennyson's poem, the Lady of Shallot...it's also quoted in the movie Anne of Green Gables!

Bon Jovi! Now I'm sure I've shared my love for Bon Jovi on here before...but can you really ever get enough? Yeah, I think not. Plus, It's My Life has been stuck in my head since I took D to the Dentist earlier today! Seriously...it's like the best freaking song ever! So enjoy!

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KeNzIE said...

Loved TS2 too!