07 July 2010

Meg's CNA Party!

You cannot have a more fun person at a party than Megs...and that goes double when it's her birthday!

Megs has known she was going to have a party for months. But she didn't know what kind of party it was going to be. This proved more difficult as we started to put things together while she was getting her hair done. She she was led through the house with her eyes closed until it was time and she found in her room her Pima Medical scrubs laid out for her ready for her party!

Here is everyone doing the experiments!
D's completed skeleton!

The Buzz Lightyear Operation group!
PH enjoyed the watermelon! And he kept his costume on all night...the band-aid!
Here is the classic Operation group! Hopefully O will have an announcement for us all soon!
Grandpa B, enjoying the party!

Here is Megs with her cake!

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