07 July 2010

Meg's CNA Party...the set up!

For Meg's 20th birthday we had a little CNA party, not only to celebrate her birthday but to also because she's now a CNA! I had a blast!

It was a little difficult to plan...because we never really came up with a color scheme. Hospitals don't usually have a fun decor to plan a party around. So we made a paper chain to hang!
Then we made signs to label different rooms/areas that we would be using!

We placed flowers and little get well cards for every room! They were fun and signed by some of Meg's favorite movie boys...Zac (Efron), Link (Larkin), James (Bond), and Cowboy Gary!
The Kitchen table was transformed into the OR after dinner!

We played Operation in two teams...One had the Original Operation game, the other team played Buzz Lightyear Operation that Megan got...from me...for her birthday! On the table we had Boo-Boo-Band-Aids...fruit snacks...candy blood bags, and skeleton candies with interlocking bones!

We had a waiting room where we opened presents. Unfortunately, I forgot I was doing this and threw away all my magazines the week before, so all I had left was the Ensign!

Then we had the Lab! We did just two experiments, but they were fun! The first was with Milk, food color, and dish soap which makes swirly colors. The second when you put raisins in a glass of Sprite...the raisins will go up and down and up and down! Simple but fun! We also gave everyone a syringe pen and of course gloves for the experiments!

...and nurse/doctor ducks!

And of course the cafeteria!

We ate Jell-o, Nevitt Potatoes, Subs, chicken, fruit...

...artichoke dip, red velvet cup cakes with a red cross!

And an Awesome Brownie Cake!!

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