08 July 2010

Photobooth Pictures!

And last but not least...more pictures!

Here's Megs right before the big...unveiling of the party! She's always ready for a picture!

Here I am all ready to save some lives!

D really got into the party spirit! Isn't it lucky that I broke my leg all those years ago so he could have the perfect accessory...the big ugly boot!

Dr. C being all fierce!
N, K and Megs! We had masks for all the people who...forgot...to come dressed up...and didn't want to change into the scrubs we had!
Megs and all the little girls she watches!

J and Megs!...almost sisters! Notice the necklace Megs is wearing...from J!
It seems like a tradition has started to hold the birthday person up! Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries so this is the best pictures I got of all the boys holding the birthday girl!

The Proud Parents!

The group shot!

Last but not lest PB! He kept his wrapped bandage all night and was definitely the life of the party!

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