01 July 2010


Yesterday afternoon, Lola knocks on my door and says, "Special package delivery!" Special what? I didn't think much of it because it was Lola and Lola is always saying clever things, but she opens my door and she really is holding a package for me. I pause, and mentally double check everything I have ordered in the last...and I've received everything. I was stumped. I didn't know the name on the package, and my name was spelled with an 'E', which led me to believe that the person sending the said package didn't know me either. So I open it and out falls...
...that's right a little In Plain Sight package! Now to be completely honest, I can barely remember entering this giveaway. I don't really remember what website it's from...even though I'm leaning towards Collider.com...because no one told me I won! But none the less I was very excited to open...Have I mentioned how much I love surprises when I don't have to wait for them!...So to whom it may concern Thank you for choosing me! It's in good hands.

Now a little bit about In Plain Sight for those of you out there who have never seen it...which is ridiculous because it's pretty entertaining! It's about Mary Shannon...Mary McCormack...who is a US Marshall in Witness Protection! I love Mary because she is so...sarcastic and that just speaks to me on so many levels. And then there is Marshall Mann...Frederick Weller...who never really stops talking about the most random things. And despite his need to talk about feelings I love him! So watch In Plain Sight, on USA...or on hulu!

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