23 August 2010


Now that school has officially started and all my time will become non existent, I realized that I really need to play catch up on some summer events! First and foremost was the Utah Shakespeare Festival! Which was...Intense! I loved every minute of it! I saw four plays, Macbeth, Great Expectations, a New Musical, Much Ado About Nothing, and Alfred Hitchcock's 39 Steps! So in order of how I saw them...

Great Expectations a New Musical! I liked it. Amazing voices, especially Pip (Jack Noseworthy) who belted out his solos...he has a beautiful voice and can come sing to me any time he wants! But my favorite character was Miss Havisham (Ellen Crawford) who played the creepy crazy lady perfectly!

Macbeth! I loved it! This was my first experience with Macbeth. I've never read the play or seen any version of the play...the closest I come is the cartoon Gargoyles that I use to watch after school. I have to admit I'm a Hamlet girl...but I did love this play! I thought Macbeth (Grant Goodman) and Lady Macbeth (Kymberly Mellen) were brilliant! I loved the 3 witches also, but did miss the cauldron...isn't there suppose to be a cauldron?

Much Ado About Nothing! This was my favorite! It was...oh my goodness it was hilarious! Now I love Kenneth Branagh's version with Emma Thompson, but this might have surpassed it! David Ivers played Benedick and he stole the show! Creeping around the stage hiding behind grapes, his facial expressions, everything! I loved this play! Don John (Ryan Imoff) might have been my second favorite character...and half of the reason would have to be the long leather coat he wore! But one cannot forget Dogberry (Don Burroughs) and his watchmen...oh my goodness I don't have the words describe how enjoyable they were! And Beatrice (Kymberly Mellen)! The only person who was kind of bland was Claudio (Matt Tallman). I have to mention the music composed by Lindsay Jones, especially scene at the tomb which was simply beautiful! Overall a simply brilliant performance!

39 Steps! This was the...silliest of the plays! But it was fantastic! The train scene...the Inn...oh my goodness! There were only four actors in this play, one of them being David Ivers who was Benedick in Much Ado and who was by far the funniest person on stage...again! It was full of references to Hitchcock's other films including North by Northwest, Psycho, The Birds, and Vertigo! You will laugh the entire time!

...If you get a change you should most definitely go and see these while you still can!...Hurry!

...all photos!

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Okie said...

Sooo jealous.

There were a few years where my wife and I went to the festival every summer.

Then life caught up with us and we haven't been fore more than a decade.

We're thinking that next year might be the year we go back (and take the kids). It is always such an amazing time and I really miss going.