04 August 2010

Space Issues!

This is another example of how I'm pretty sure Mecham and I are like the same person! I teach Sunday School at church and they recently moved me from the Relief Society room to an Over Flow...so we could fit more people in my awesome lesson...and it's summer so the singles ward doubles because of all the peeps back home from school...where the front row ends 12 inches away from the wall. I cannot teach people when they are that close to me because...

1) I'm pretty sure I'm going to hit someone when I talk. Because I speak with my hands...a lot and occasionally...every time I teach...in a big way. My hands emphasize everything I say!

2) I trip over the rolling chalk board they bring in for me...because I use it ALL the freaking time! How are you suppose to learn...or pretend to learn...something if the teacher doesn't write on the board!

3) I've mentioned that I totally judge people based on the shoes they wear. Especially to church. So when I have a row full of girls all wearing shoes that I'm sure were meant to live in my closet and on my feet...I get distracted!

4) As a way to calm myself and bring all my thoughts together, I like to consume a certain amount of caffeine before I teach. I know, that doesn't really make sense. But it gets my heart beating a little faster, which means that my mind is moving a little faster, so I feel more confident that I will be able to remember the things that I was suppose to study/prepare for the lesson! Weird but true. A nice Mountain Dew before I teach does wonders! But between my caffeine intake, the chalk board, and only 12 inches to maneuver...and I'm no supermodel...things and get a little dicey!

...the point is I don't like being that close to peeps especially when I'm teaching! So if there is anyone who has any kind of sway with this decision! Please put us in a bigger room! For my sanity at least!

...and for anyone in the ward that is reading this...even though I doubt anyone does, I'm teaching lesson #30 this week! Feel free to read it before you get to class!!

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