07 September 2010

Oo-da-lolly Oo-da-lolly....

Golly what a day!
Our little L has started Kindergarten! It was quite exciting! We've watched her since...she was born and now she's all grown up and going to school...saving the world one classroom at a freaking time!

She totally rocked her purple moccasins!...and don't you wish you could pull off the ruffle socks as well as she did! Yeah, she's enjoying her school experience as more than I am...not that I'm not enjoying it. It's great to be back in school, but I can already feel all those papers starting to keep me up at night...not that I work when I'm up!
...yesterday I told L, she could come to my Star Wars party, but she needed to dress up! She told me she's coming as an indian!

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Megan said...

roflmbo! I dont think there are indians in star wars! Lola is so funny!