26 October 2010

Whining about life...

Well the semester has past the half way point and I can tell. I'm done with one of the two presentations I have to do this week which is a relief, but let's be honest the easy one, British Authors, was done today. Now I have to try to put together an intelligent presentation on the effect of a maternal relationship on knighthood in Parzival...and I haven't finished the book! Not for a lack of trying. I've never read a book that puts me to sleep faster...not even the bible in Spanish!

The worst part is waiting to get back the paper I wrote on Parzival already. I must say that the worst part of writing a paper is knowing that you are going to get it back...especially since it was the most crap paper I've ever written! I really hate when a professor repeats over and over, carefully reread your papers before you turn them in...mainly because I write most...alright all of them...the night before and morning of! I cannot help it, it just happens, and know I'm pretty sure I failed the paper. Well not fail, but I'm praying for a freaking C. It was bad. So I cannot sleep, my anxiety levels are up...my sleeping patterns are nonexistent which means I'm tired, and cranky a lot. I don't want to depend on caffeine because, seriously, I just don't. Sleep deprivation is the worst punishment my body could possibly reek on me.

Not only that but I'm kind of sick of reading! That's right! Well to be honest it's more of the crap required reading I have to do. They aren't bad individually but trying to get everything read and not fall asleep during these...super boring...books is just terrible! On top of that, I teach Sunday School, which I quite enjoy but feel guilty because I usually don't have time to prepare until the Sunday of. Which I will flatly deny if anyone asks about. But being the Gospel Doctrine teacher has to be the best calling I've ever had. Well that and when I was in charge of writing the Relief Society weekly emails!

...Well another day has come and I'm off to school to pick up that lovely paper! You all have a great day! And did anyone watch the awesomeness that is Sherlock on Sunday?!? Did you love it!?...and just for your information Martin Freeman, Dr. Watson, has officially been cast as Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit!! So exciting!

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