05 November 2010

Favorite Fridays!

Hubbard! Today is the birthday of one of my best friends ever! She was my last companion on my mission, an unofficial roommate at BYU, and was an answer to my prayers in both situations! She's amazing, funny, beautiful...and a brand new mommy! F is one lucky little man to have her as his mommy! Happy Birthday Hubbard! I cannot wait to meet your little dude!

Planners! Did I ever mention that I'm slightly obsessed with office supplies? I love planners...even though I don't really plan! But this one looks awesome! Very Harry Potter...and considering that the beginning of the end is released in two weeks I find this very appropriate!

Maroon 5! This week I had to read Latin Lyric Poetry for my Classics class and I was reminded of Maroon 5's Misery. Strange I know but it did! It was Catullus's #85,

I hate & love. And if you should ask how I can do both,
I couldn't say; but I feel it, and it shivers me!

Keira Knightley! I am completely in love with this Chanel dress! It's a navy dress with white, red, and blue stripes with tassel things around her neck...and look at those blue ankle boots!! I am also loving her new wavy bob too!

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