12 January 2011

Holy Moly it's a New Year!

I cannot believe I haven't update this thing since...well it's been a long time! I apologize, finals kicked my trash! But Now I am recovered and ready to enlighten your lives once again with the most random nonsense ever!

For our last of adventure before the girls went back to school we went and saw...Tangled! Verdict: AWESOME!! I loved it..."I have magic hair that glows when I sing!!" I don't know who I love more, Flynn Rider or Chuck Bartowski! You must go see it!

Megs put our hair in BOWS for the occasion! It might be my new favorite hair style! So I've given you a front and back view our beautiful hair! They are really fun and I highly recommend both the movie and trying out a hair bow for your self!

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Emilee said...

those were cute at the xmas party! love 'em!