14 January 2011

Woop Woop!

I finally put all that Christmas money to use and bought myself Brand Spaken new Blue Scriptures!!! I'm so excited! I don't know what it is about studying out of virgin scriptures but I cannot even sleep right now!

(The after shot)

I wasn't sure where to start so I read the lesson I taught on Sunday! I mean it was Zacharias, Elizabeth, Mary, and Joseph...Luke 1 and Matthew 1...you cannot ask for a better way to start off the year studying the New Testament! I have the coolest calling ever...Gospel Doctrine Teacher!! Even when people try to contradict me! For those of you who didn't read it last week...do it! And to any of those who happen to actually go to my class feel free to commit to reading the lessons...we're studying the NT this year!...before class so that we can have...I don't know...a discussion and actual learning! And if there is anyone else out there reading this, feel free to read it too!

...random exciting things to look for...We're told that Jesus would have been the Literal King of the Jews, if Israel was a free nation at the time of his birth!...The Angel Gabriel appears to everyone!...Zacharias is struck dumb for doubting that God can make miracles happen!...Elizabeth is freaking old but still gets prego...MARY and the way she totally handles herself with the angel...Joseph being a stud!...John testifying that Jesus is the Christ before he was even born!...The whole naming of John....you really just need to read it!

...I know I'm a total nerd, but new scriptures are so exciting!!!....wow, I really need to get out more!

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Jill Rosenhan said...

I'm so upset I won't be hearing most of your lessons now! Dang gospel essentials! ;) You seriously rock though! I have never had a gospel doctrine class that is so easy to stay awake in! Keep being awesome!