22 February 2011

D's Birthday!

For D's birthday we did a COMBS High School/Sports dinner! He was suppose to get his Letterman jacket that night...but it wasn't ready, so instead he got his name on the back of his sweaters!

PB helped us hold him up! Which is good because Mel shouldn't have been lifting that much weight that night...but she hadn't told us yet! You might notice that only the red streamers look cool...that's because I was lazy and didn't get to the black and white ones...oops!

It was a good dinner with everyone! I'm real big fan of balloons at the moment...and cannot wait till PB's Super Hero party!!

That's right...coolest present ever!! Ninja Turtle snuggies are cool!


KeNzIE said...

You need to become a party planner! You have the best ideas! You all sure know how to party!

Malinda said...

Oh my goodness! That would be the best job ever!