09 February 2011

Mel's Birthday!

Our January birthdays were quite simple. Mainly because I was very tired after Christmas and I still feel like I'm recovering from last semester...which is unfortunate considering we are now in the third week of this one!

We had a sandwich bar and mocktails! The fun part was that I scrunched the streamers together, which honestly enough makes them way cooler!!

Now despite some people wondering why we had a Primary Color's party, let me just say that that was not my plan. I was sitting in my room thinking...we should do something for Mel's birthday...something simple...oh, Snow White! Yes, this is a Snow White Color party!

Why Snow White you might ask? Well let me tell you...while we were growing up Mema would always call Mel Snow White, because of her long blonde hair! Now despite how cute that might be...I never understood it! If you remember Snow White's hair was not blonde! But she also gave Mel a Martyoshka Snow White Doll when she came back from her mission...so the party was also inspired by these, which I gave her for her birthday!

At the end of the party we asked PS to pick Mel up for a picture. Mother said, Pick her up like a princess, and this is how PS interpreted that!

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